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Welcome to 4 Home!

faith-based home decor & gifts that...

 Celebrate HIS great name! (Ps. 34:3)

4 Home began almost 15 years ago when a newly retired father and his daughter embarked on a journey together.  We created a company that was supposed to be a creative outlet for that “extra” time we seemed to have on our hands.  However, the part-time company quickly turned into a full-time ministry when 4 Home evolved into a company focused on faith-based home décor and gifts.  The mission became clear:  to quietly minister to all that came across our path… at holiday shows, at Canton First Monday, in the store’s retail center, at Dallas Market, on the internet… no need for fanfare, just place scripture in their paths.   Simply, we only had to share the Word of the Lord. 

So, that’s how it began.  We made wooden crosses and LOTS of scripture plaques.  And then came the scripture plates and chargers.  The path curved.  What the customers wanted was to claim the Scripture as their own.  So, we began to focus on God’s Word that spoke about family, friends and special occasions. 

Our journey’s path continued towards Celebrate THEE Date.  Our path eventually became two-fold… to continue to celebrate family and special life occasions and to celebrate God’s character & truths every calendar day.    Celebrate THEE Date was born.  Using all 66 books of the Bible, every calendar date is celebrated with at least one Scripture verse with a reference that matches the date. And then came Celebrate THEE Blessing... a book that focuses on claiming God's word each calendar day for family and friends ~ as well as on special occasions.  We also wrote Celebrate THEE Family ~ a 25-day advent journey that focuses on Jesus' family tree.  

We are busy working on new books - look for them in October 2015.

... looking forward to where our journey is heading.

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Great personalized gifts for grandparents

We have great gifts for every "Nana and Pops" ! 

Our metal chargers can be personalized with grandchildren's names!  They are unique to 4 Home... and are always a hit!  They also make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, new parents and the bride & groom.

See all of our Celebrate Family & Friends chargers... They are back in stock!

Book Highlight:  Celebrate THEE Blessing !

We are so excited to introduce our Celebrate THEE Blessing book!  

Celebrate the gift of God’s Word with 366 Bible verses… a verse for each day of the year whose reference is that date.  Claim God’s promises for your friends & family not just on special dates… but  every day.  From August 10th:  The joy of the Lord is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

 Celebrate God’s blessing and gift of family & friends.  Each chapter gives unique ways to BLESS the special people in your life by Boldly sharing scripture, Lifting their spirit, Extending hospitality, Serving those in their community and  Saying a prayer for them.  

Celebrate the blessing of fellowship… at special occasions like graduations, weddings, retirements & more.  Learn creative ways to BLESS your guests: Begin the celebration with scripture, Liven up the venue, Entertain creatively, Serve up delicious dishes and  Send guests home with a favor.  

In addition to the book, we also have a new perpetual calendar!

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Introducing:  Celebrate THEE Promises!

Prepare your hearts for Jesus’ birth with this advent devotional book.  Each day there a scripture about God’s blessing… His Promises… and the verse references the date in December.  The daily devotional will take you through the passage with creative & thought-provoking commentary… a prayer… and additional verses from the Bible that correlate to the daily promise.  Each day you will also be encouraged to bless someone else… after all, we are blessed to be a blessing!  

The book correlates with our Blessing Advent Tree!

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internet Orders

Most internet orders ship within a week's time via USPS.  While we carry many unique items, not all are available for shipping due to size or weight restrictions.  

Don't hesitate to email us with any questions or custom orders.

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Our Cut-out Cross Chargers are back in stock      

 & ready to ship!

Our store location has closed.

Please continue to shop with us online.

4 Home Books!  New books coming soon!

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Celebrate THEE Date

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Celebrate THEE Family

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Celebrate THEE Blessing

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Celebrate THEE Nativity

Celebrate THEE Bounty

Celebrate THEE Date Celebrate Family & Friends Celebrate Hearth & Home
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Click here for Celebrate THEE Date books, perpetual calendars, monthly CTD chargers and CTD family plaques... we also have magnets & magnet boards and picture frames.  Click on our quick links below for access to our best-selling CTD products:

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Click here for Celebrate THEE blessing books, calendars, notepads & notecards, scripture plaques, plates & metal chargers... we also have magnets & magnet boards.  Click on our quick links below for access to our best-selling CFF products:

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Click here for Celebrate THEE family books, plaques and plates as well as home decor like crosses, candles & magnet boards.  You will also find seasonal decor.   Click on our quick links below for access to our best-selling CHH products:

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