4 Home, LLC faith-based home decor and gifts

4 Home began more than 18 years ago when a newly retired father and his daughter embarked on a journey together.  We created a company that was supposed to be a creative outlet for that “extra” time we seemed to have on our hands.  However, the part-time company quickly turned into a full-time ministry when 4 Home evolved into a company focused on faith-based home decor and gifts.  The mission became clear:  to quietly minister to all that came across our path… at holiday shows, at Canton First Monday, in the store’s retail center, at Dallas Market, on the internet… no need for fanfare, just place scripture in their paths.   Simply, we only had to share the Word of the Lord.

So, that’s how it began.  We made wooden crosses and LOTS of scripture plaques.  And then came the scripture plates and chargers. The path curved.  We found that our customers wanted to claim the Scripture as their own.  So, we began to focus on God’s Word that spoke about family, friends and special occasions.

Our journey’s path continued towards Celebrate THEE Date.  Eventually, our mission became two-fold… to continue to celebrate family and special life occasions and to celebrate God’s character & truths every calendar day.    Celebrate THEE Date was born.  Using all 66 books of the Bible, every calendar date is celebrated with at least one Scripture verse with a reference that matches the date. And then came Celebrate THEE Blessing... a book that focuses on claiming God's word each calendar day for family and friends ~ as well as on special occasions.  We then wrote Celebrate THEE Family ~ a 25-day advent journey that focuses on Jesus' family tree.

And now, eighteen years later... with joy, we look forward to the journey ahead.

For God goes ahead of us on our journey & shows us the way we should go.  

Deuteronomy 1:30-33 

On mission ~ 

David Robertson & Elaine Robertson Tate